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                Product name:Calcium Carbonate (Food Additive)

                Ⅰ Chemical Name: Calcium Carbonate

                Ⅱ Molecular formula: CaCO3

                Ⅲ Molecular Weight: 100.09

                ⅣProperties: White powder or Colourless crystal . Odourless,tasteless. Basicity. Almost insoluble in water and ethanol, readily soluble in acid. Two types:Amorphous form and crystalline form.

                Ⅴ In food Industry : it is used as nutritional supplement and leaving agent for dairy product, meat product and flour product.

                Ⅵ. Quality Standard:

                Index name GB1898-2007
                Assay (On Dry Basis)% 98.0~100.5
                Hydrochloric acid Insoluble ≤% 0.20
                Free Alkali≤% Qualified. 
                Alkali metal and Mg≤% 1.0
                Ba ≤% 0.030
                As ≤% 0.0003
                Lossing on Drying ≤% 2.0
                Fluoride (F)≤% 0.005
                Pb≤% 0.0003
                Hg≤% 0.0001
                Cd≤% 0.0002

                Ⅶ. Packing: PE bag lined composite plastic woven bag, Net wt 25KG.